a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

A soldier fell before my eyes ,
Mortally wounded on a battle-field ,
His comrades did not heed his cries ,
They charged onwards , no time to yield ,
Rifle fire disrupted air,
Fixed bayonets thrust with deadly skill ,
Who was who , on yon smoked hill ,
No matter now, both ranks did fall,
And in the distance , 'A Bugle Call ',
'Don't leave me here , I'm from o'er the sea ',
'I have a family waiting patiently,'
Machine gun fire did end this hell,
Like my friend , I also fell ,
But in the darkness I do recall ,
The triumphant sound of a 'Bugle Call ',

A poem dedicated to brave soldiers who served in world , 1 and 2 ,
Author , Edwin Jepson ,
February 3rd 2018 ,

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