Pending Judgment!

a poem by John Starks, USA

They yet stand resolute, in heart and will,
Though others (ruthless) plan to decimate
Those who, in never bowing down to fate,
Became the ones hatemongers vowed to kill!
They know protracted war is raging, still,
Who, proving brave, too, realize they're great,
Whose dreams (too sure and real to dissipate)
Inspire them (faltering) to run uphill!
But they (though threatened) will not turn and run!
If need be, they shall face the bullets, too,
Who'd, flinch not, fear not the loaded gun.
They know the One they worship, even Who
(In cryptic nomenclature) proves the 'Pun'
Whose harsh revenge proves what his foes shall rue!


Should God prove real, then judgment is sure! John Starks

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