"El Orrance" - The Musketeers Challenge (#85)

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

(In response to our friend Adam's 'Triumphs and or Tragedies.................")

From Army issue boots that trod the ground
To Bedu sandals traipsing o'er the sand
Just symptomatic of a life profound
Midst tribes of disp'rate state (Neath his command)
Twas Lawrence T.E. - known as 'El Orrance'
(Amongst the warring factions far from home)
Who led them in revolt, thru skill'd advance
Ensuring lands (once lost) could freely roam
Tho promise made by him was not fulfilled
It did ensure agreement of a sort
Yet those above (who's blood is never spilled)
Thru skill adept, diplomacy contort
So notwithstanding outcome's 'half baked' peace
Such admiration held will ne'er decrease

Aramis /|\

Footnote: - "El Orrance" - T.E. Lawrence (aka) Lawrence of Arabia

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