I am me

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I am a woman yet I feel like a child
I am a daughter but I long to be a bride
I am rebellious but my heart wants to do right
I am a light in the dark, shining so bright

I am fearful of failure, of making mistakes
Yet I am bold in my trying whatever it takes
I am a fighter, a warrior I do not give up
My strength not my own but I drink from a cup

I am a writer, a poet, in stories I deal
Truth, fact and fiction, I make it seem real
I am an artist with passion, colour fills my life
But I am also lonely, I long to be a wife

I am a friend, someone you can depend on
And though we are apart you know that I’ve not gone
I am a sister by blood and by heart
I fit in a family that is bigger than one part

I am a musician; I love to praise and sing
I am a child of God, a daughter of the King
I am forgiven for all the things I did wrong
I am also a little broken from holding them too long

I am fit and healthy or at least getting there
I am determined to work harder than I care
I am thoughtful; you mean so much to me
I am wild spirited and my imagination is free

I am not who you say I am unless you speak well
I have a thousand stories but only few I tell
I am a thinker, new ideas all the time
I stand for justice even when it seems like a crime

I am loved and have so much love to give
I have huge dreams for every day I live
I am full of flaws but I’m also covered by grace
I am an adventurer never staying in one place

I am confident and have every right to be
Because I am so much more than your eyes can ever see
I am many things, to name but just a few
I am me and I’m glad that you are you

A heart of Worship
Walking with God

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