a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

Praise to the Lord of the heart,
Sinless and innocent
Child like , a child's pure heart
Yet as vast
As the ocean, with the depth of the infinite !

Lord of boundless compassion
Abode of all that is serene;
Pure and divine
Truth's very own origin
Therefore an imperishable domain.

Beauty's own hide-out
Nonstop music flows
From a flute , with pristine notes,
Mixes with the happy notes
Of the celestial Veenas*
Of bards, and birds of paradise

Eternal spring makes
Arches and canopies
Of flowers and fruits
As the divine love pair dances
With ecstatic steps -
The dance of creation
Without an iota of passion!

Pure and divine , totally divine
May you always make my mind
Pay heed ,obedient to your sacred word,
And follow your footsteps,
To first shed the tears of compassion
Then wipe the bitter tears of grief and depression,
Of the forlorn,
The marginalized oppressed and the down trodden
With your grace as my sword and shield!

Thy will be done, obeisance Oh Good Lord , the God of compassion , infinite mercy and grace personified .

* An Indian stringed musical instrument!

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