Of Fairy Tales and Dreams

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I was sitting on a rock one day
Down by a flowing creek.
List’ning to the song it sang,
When, I heard a voice speak.
.....Soft, it was, that creek I heard,
.....And sweet its melody
.....Asleep, I was, or so I thought,
.....Then open’d my eyes to see.
The creek, alone, seen flowing by,
Freely flowing ‘cross the land.
Down off the hill and through the woods;
A forest, standing grand.

Gone, the trail that I had walked,
To get to where I sat.
In fact the only thing that I saw there;
One old and scrawny cat.
.....Then with a flick of his old tail,
.....He turned and walked away.
.....He stopped and turned, then looked at me,
.....To see if I would stay.
Or follow him on through those woods,
Impatient, was his look.
Again he sat as if to wait,
However long it took.

Arising then, I followed him,
My interest burning bright.
I followed him on down that creek
Into the coming night.
.....But then he stopped and stood and stared,
.....At one old lonely tree.
.....Old and gnarled, there it stood,
.....Within a pleasant lea.
The cat, it stopped then sat on down,
Beneath its shading leaves.
So then I turned and sat as well,
Beneath those quiet eaves

‘Twas there I sat and there did wait,
Beneath one gnarled limb.
Long there I sat, and long did wait,
While night, around grew dim.
.....And slowly then as night progressed,
.....A change did come about.
.....Upon that tree, once twisted, old,
.....But with a heart still stout.
Slowly then that change took place,
Before my very eyes.
From olden tree to lovely maid,
But with a look found wise.

Young she was and beautiful,
Found both, in form and face.
Then with a smile she turned to dance;
In beauty and in grace.
.....I stood and watched her, mesmerized,
.....Transfixed in heart and soul.
.....Captured by her beauty, found,
.....My essence there she stole.
Long I stood, transported far,
Into a different time.
Into an age, long gone, now past;
Into a place sublime.

And there I saw her story told;
A story old, but true.
Of how she fell in love one day,
And how her love then grew.
.....With a lad who loved her back,
.....Those many ages past.
.....A love they both had known in truth;
.....A love that could not last.
For she, a princess, young and fair,
Destined for a Prince.
Yet still they kept, what time they had,
But not a moment since.

For when the wicked Prince had heard,
His love for her, denied.
He placed upon them both a curse,
A curse aloud, he cried.
.....A form of tree, she then woiuld take,
.....Still, young and slender, seen.
.....But he, a cat, immortal found,
.....With a scrawny, sickly mien.
Until the time when one would come,
Descendant of the king.
Who would remove their sorrow found,
To which their lives did cling.

I looked and saw within them then,
The sorrow they both shared.
And knew within, their love still held,
No matter how they fared.
.....My heart then out in sorrow went,
.....For both, the two, I found.
.....And in my heart, I found them true,
.....By love, together bound.
I raised my hand and praised their love,
And wished their joy to see.
A brilliant light then hid their forms,
And so they were set free.

I looked around and saw the trail,
That I as traveled on.
I saw the creek then flowing by,
And saw that it was dawn.
.....I had slept the night away it seems,
.....Lulled by the music, fair.
.....Heard in the stream that flowed on by,
.....Then carried through the air.
I smiled again when realized;
The dream that I had dreamed.
And how it left me joyous when,
The freedom I had deemed.

But then I looked and saw close by,
A couple sitting near.
A couple true to love I saw,
With nothing left to fear.
.....Young she was and beautiful
.....Both, in form and face.
.....And he as well, found young and strong,
.....Found in love and grace.
They looked at me and bowed quite low,
As if to not be rude.
Or maybe still to show to me,
Their heart felt gratitude.

And at this thought, they smiled both,
Again then bowing low.
.And then upon my cheek did place,
A tender kiss, bestow.
.....‘Twas then they walked on through the trees;
.....They left me on that day.
.....But stopping once, they turned to me,
.....Then faded, both away.
No more did I see them then,
Throughout the rest days.
But found within my heart to keep,
Their love filled thankful gaze.

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