But you said you love me

a poem by Khayo Blessing Zuma, South Africa - poetry writer, author, poet

The day you said you loved me with all of your heart
You can not go a day without thinking about me
You wish to tell the whole world about this love you have for me
You will never leave me and I'm the only one in your life
I am your hope, your future, your dreams, and your wishes
I opened my heart and said anything can happen, I'm yours
Not knowing your were playing a mind game

So its true that not knowing is similar to being blind
You did everything to show me you love me
Manipulating me into believing I was in love
Not sleeping even at night thinking about you as the joy of my heart
As a piece that complete your life
As everything you ever wanted in a human being
And now tell me "How did you change?"

Where did all this most amazing love go?
Where did all the wishes you had for me go?
Where did I change to become your enemy this way?
Every time you said you loved me, you would tell me not to forget it
Then where did we go wrong?

No, I don't want to believe this
I am struggling to understand this
But you said you love me

You said you will never leave me
And you said I am everything you need in this world
Then what took my place in you heart?
Does this mean true love really never exist?
Is holding on to the one who genuinely love you really hard?
Were your intentions to fulfill your sexual desires by opening my heart?
Have you got everything you wanted to ditch me this way?
Was there no reason at all for you to truly love me back?
But you said you love me

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