Faced With 'That' Dilemma!

a poem by John Starks, USA

We, faced with 'That' dilemma, struggling, fret!
Rife implications (staggering the mind)
Inure the soul to some protracted bind
Wherein, in choosing not, it fails to vet.
Outcomes, proliferating, teasing yet,
Leave us, in fear's vice grip, to scared to find
What keeps us (lollygagging) at some grind
As Sisyphus, who'd, in not getting, get.
We, suffering this existential 'tease',
So like Houdini, seek some grand escape,
Or cry, despairing, without comfort, 'Please!'
We'd charge salacious doubt with brutal rape,
Or with the lyncher's crime that cluttered trees
With what makes gawkers (shocked and baffled) gape!

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