This Valentine's Day and you friendship

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

The gray cotton clouds outside my window
threaten the world around me with rain.
I take in a deep breath of bacon and eggs from
the floor below.
Its Valentine's Day!

I grab the velvety pink, red, and yellow roses from
my garden I picked just for you. The smell as sweat
as any perfume ever made.
The doorbell rings and my friend had arrived.

It's too bad I forgot about the needle sharp thorns
when I handle her the roses, we spent the morning
together while she got medical attention.
Now we had another memory to share.

I hope this Valentine's Day , that you too find someone
special to share it with.
If with a candlelight, dinner, a box of candy, a card, or with
roses like me.
If there no one around then become your own best
friend and set a beautiful table for one .

The best gift of all on Valentine's day is the treasure
of friendship we each share.
People come, and go, and each Valentine's poem I read
today is a delight!
And the best gift I received this Valentine's Day was your
friendship. Just be happy I didn't sent you roses!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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