Valentine Disclosure.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Valentine hype, is a state of mind,
when the lonely hope Love to find.
Unhappy with their ‘lonely’ lot,
they think to give Valentine’s a shot!

It’a con game say I, and not the truth,
so herewith I’ll give you honest proof!
Being a ruse to part you from your cash
that urges you, to do something rash!

You can buy a sparkling diamond ring,
or a fur coat for a flighty ding-a-ling!
But come tomorrow, when she’s not seen,
you’ll know she’s vamoosed from the scene!

I repeat Valentine’s is but a ploy,
to sucker the innocent, love sick boy,
to spend money on a fancied lass.
Too often a gold digger, First Class!

I suggest a bunch of dried Daisy flowers,
are well suited, when your passion sours,
for you will at least possess a crisp reminder,
that any cash left, will pay for a blinder!

Come tomorrow, when your Lover’s fire
will be ashes, as will your raging desire!
When love disappears, just like your cash,
take care lover boy, please don’t be brash,

buy a simple card, or write her a letter.
If it’s saccharine sweet? all the better!
As for those promises? make none at all,
or surely her lawyer ensures your downfall!

Valentine hype is naught but a ‘selling’ ploy
of cunning merchants, who really do enjoy
inflating prices on this so-called ‘lover’s’ day,
knowing the love sick lads coming their way,

will spend their cash with nary a thought,
in hopes they can say: look Sweetie, I bought
this as a proof positive, you’re the one I adore!
Or lover-boy, you’ll be one of Valentine’s poor!

Rhymer. February 14th, 2018.
(Felt I had to write a little
fact sheet "spoof" to mark the day!).


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