"A Call to Arms" (for the Ladies of VN)

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

(A belated post to 'She' that is Woman)

Whilst Cupid draws his bow in scribing arc
Love's arrow soars in flight by said 'moonlight'
Sent on its way, o'er Milky Way - at mark
Midst 'gentle wafting wings' to then alight
Tis there our 'maidens fair' (thru choice) reside
(Adoring and to be adored, their due)
Where else could gentle souls in truth abide
Awaiting of heart's call twixt "Bill and Coo"
I follow fletcher's art across the sky
Then wonder of the sight at journey's end
A vision to behold (to please one's eye)
Inspiring of a rhyme for one to send
"If e'er thou deign to cross o'er yonder void,
Be sure! All Musketeers will be deployed"

Aramis /|\

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