The Artist on the High Street

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I look through the window and see that huge smile
The day has been quiet; No one’s been in for a while
But that doesn’t stop her from spreading good cheer
To loved ones and strangers; whoever draws near

Her talent is breath taking; it makes your heart jump
As you take in the colours, in your throat there’s a lump
Working away in the corner, her eyes fixed high above
She begins to paint and the room fills with his love

The passion she shows with each brush stroke, each touch
As the pen hits the paper she says ‘Oh its not much’
But the finished creation leaves you in awe
As the message it gives speaks straight to your core

Never two days alike but its all in her stride
Her creations she displays yet she’s not overcome with pride
Grateful for the gift she has, all the glory to God she gives
Because it is evident in meeting her, inside is where he lives

Her boldness is amazing and it inspires so many more
Those holding creativeness back, she opens up the door
With bouncy curly hair and her gorgeous family by her side
She is the artist on Stockton High Street soon to be country wide

A heart of Worship
Ordinarily Extraordinary
A beautiful heart

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