With Age Comes Compassion

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

I used to go fishing, angled with the best
Would catch and release some, then gut all the rest
But as I got older I began to feel
Like an executioner with rod and reel.

Loved a piece of beef, all bloody and rare
Not caring from whence it came, I did not care
But when I saw how the cattle were treated
In total disgust, from beef I retreated.

In my youth I was numb to that suffering
It was with age and wisdom, horror would ring
Although we need meat to be healthy and thrive
There’s no need to be cruel just to survive.

Let’s cherish our food sources in tank and field
With compassion and respect for all they yield!

* We should all take a page from our American Indian history book on hunting and killing. They would take an animal for food and clothing only when needed but would show respect and give thanks for its sacrifice. Though we raise animals for commercial consumption we can still treat them humanely.

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