Were 'They' Not There!

a poem by John Starks, USA

Were 'They' not there, he'd, nonetheless, yet write,
As 'sweet' catharsis has a way to prod
His soul to find (through some begot delight)
What proves (in metaphor) a glimpse of God.
Were 'They' not there, he'd sing it just the same,
As he (through symbols) would betray his mind,
Or else (through some poetic lay) lay claim
To what he (inadvertently) may find.
But, should some others chance upon his 'prize',
Or find, therein, what proves to them a boon,
Then may some joy (somniferous) arise
And bid them (rising) sing some merry tune!

Were 'They' not there, he would (ne'er ceasing) sing
Of this or that, or of some 'sacred' thing!

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