Musketeers Challenge #85 – Tragedy or Triumph, Your Choice?

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

I was afraid to take a chance
My fear refused to let him in
I passed him by without a glance
No simple nod, no friendly grin.
And so, he disappeared, too late
Could he have been my love, the one?
I’ll never know, it was my fate
Now I am old, my life is done.

Fear makes a poor partner at night
It never warms, no comfort felt
It will not flee with days first light
Smothers the soul, it will not melt.

Do not as I, but take a chance
And wash away the fear and dread
Be open to life, sing and dance
And welcome love and hope instead.
It’s not too late for you to learn
You need not live with pain and fear
If someone’s love is what you yearn
Reach out to him as he draws near.

* A little different take on your title dear Adam.
This is not a personal tale, for I have been blessed with many loves in my long life, but it was meant to inspire others to take a chance.

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