She Shed A Tear

a poem by John Starks, USA

In noting sentiment, she shed a tear,
As she did feel love's warmth and magnitude,
Who, feeling, yet approaching, drew so near
That prudence, marking her, nigh marked her rude.
She saw commitment that ne'er sought reprieve;
She saw that passion's song, no rival, had,
And that such love would leave no room to grieve,
As it but made the hearts of lovers glad.
Ah, her response is what a bard would keep
As some remembrance on which he could dote
Who'd, should he dote thereon, too, turn to weep
(Though he would not, though thusly honored, gloat).

In noting sentiment, she felt death's blow
Would tempt a gentle heart to bow to woe!


In honor of a sensitive poetess!

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