a poem by Adeosun Olamide Ayo, Nigeria

Some, wanting to be warm,
Look towards for warmth,
But a star, seeking too,
Wrapped in a cloud.
Some look towards, for love,
Some, wanting to be loved
To a void seeking more, they reach,
That couldn’t be held.
Some have looked to the roads, like some,
Seeking away.
But the road, stretched not long,
Have an end.
The chains, they shine and wear,
But never breaks
Some at peace create a deep hole,
A door out, to have this rust, rested,
Rested in the tomb, away from roving dusts.

I know it goes on within you,
Your body; it wears, and can't hold life.
Where are you going?
-To the waters, to the morning?
Do come to it,
The sea no more, is drowned by the wind
See! They come to us,
Reach to this for peace,
But a sleep, immune to the mind,
See your weary dreams.
I know what is going on within you,
It is your body; it wears, and can't hold life.

No! It isn’t more, do you know the dreams
-Or that which goes, on without us?
It is not the shadows, of the soul,
Sometimes it leaves,
Walking away, towards sunshine, towards rain,
Away from the desolation it is imprisoned,
Towards the call, it looks out, towards heaven
The life out of its reach,
But then, it falls, to be awakened and chastised!

We see the sickliness of the chains,
Dragging you and leaving shadows,
It is your body; worn and torn,
By the chains, that shines and weigh,
But do break, through us,
Will you break the chains?
Take my knife, art a deep hole,
A door out, off the decay

No! Though worn, the rust lives, you say
Knowing what is going on within you.
It is I, you say,
‘Like a boy, wanting answers,
Dwells upon, and finds in us a friend
And we, a book consumed, possess his mind,
Murders him, to live on through him’
We are not so, such homes, not more

Are you afraid of flying?
What falls is the chain
Are you afraid of the tide, which rolls?
What falls is the chain
Are you afraid of breaking?
What falls is the shell,
It breaks and we live.

Some wanting out,
Look towards the door,
But the door, wanting too
Swallows no more.

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