'Hidden behind the Sun'

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Where are they now (those long lost souls to life)
Midst peaceful protest; disappeared from view
Each one that's left, still yet embroiled in strife
No end in sight as troubles start anew
Doth sanity exist beyond our land?
(Not yet eclipsed by shadow of the Sun)
Perhaps a place where Children play in sand
A haven from this torture and the gun
Twas once the cause of many - ('Arab Spring')
Uprising from a ground swell filled with hope
Such promise as to make a glad heart sing
Released from chains, so sure that we could cope
Tis worse than ever now; so who's to blame?
When evil lurks within (to our great shame)

Aramis /|\

Footnote: - "Hidden behind the Sun" - term used for the many thousands who have 'disappeared' as a direct result of legitimate peaceful protest.

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