A heart of Worship

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Standing at the front with his guitar in hand
Surrounded by the other members of the band
Yet still, he stands out as his voice fills the air
Worshiping his Jesus without a single care

The words that he sings are filled with life
Straight from his heart they speak into strife
Carrying love, they break off regret
And at that moment all your fears you forget

His voice carries and the music is so sweet
As you listen you can’t help but pick up the beat
Of the father's heart as he loves us dearly
When you close your eyes you can see it all so clearly

His words are not just nice or a feel-good thing
But the words are true and that is what he sings
Lost in worship with his hands held up high
Overwhelmed by the spirit, such beauty makes you cry

But it's not just music, as beautiful a sound
Its an expression of freedom with which he is crowned
Intercessing and declaring Gods strong love
in such gentle way, peace rests like a dove

Such a great man of God, nothing he holds back
As he gives the Lord his all, nothing he will lack
But after the music stops and his guitar is packed away
His heart to serve and worship is evident every day

Brick walls
Walking with God
I am me

Ordinarily Extraordinary
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