Lord I invite you to the ruins of my heart

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Lord, I invite you,
To the ruins of my heart,
There's plenty of failures,
Wherever you may start.

I invite you to this dungeon,
Where there is no light,
Oh Lord my lord,
Please flood it with life.

I have tried most humans,
I have tried and failed,
Oh my Lord on thy grace,
Thy servant doth wait.

I fear frail humans,
Be my vanguard, my Lord
Protect me, my Saviour,
Protect me, from the sword.

I am pushed to the wall,
There's no way I can hide,
In this hour of distress,
Let me know you are beside.

Once again He called me
God's love and spiritual poems
Not so dirty that His blood can't Cleanse
Once again He called me
All my poems
Defeat I wear you

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