My hands are tied

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

My hands are tied,
Play violin on my throat,
I am tied for sacrifice,
As if I am a goat.

Play all melodies,
Play them on my throat,
I am tired due to economics,
I am helpless goat.

One more prey in the web,
Suck my blood as you like,
I have no power to resist,
Suck me as you like.

Hurt me with strokes of language,
Beat me with discouragement hundred times,
No power in me to resist,
Slice me as you like.

Let me learn from defeat
Let me learn as Man despise,
Even though they consider me worthless,
Yet for me he paid the price.

Most worthless of human's,
Yes loved by my Lord,
It is sufficient,
In thee I have all.

Note this poem talks about a situation in which poet is rejected by all yet he finds his solace in the Lord. This poem was written on 25th of January 1994.

Not so dirty that His blood can't Cleanse
All my poems
She touched the helm of his garment

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