Let I die

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Kill that I, if you can,
Or it will kill you, for sure,
Lucifer fell from heaven,
I had played its role.

Women ate the forbidden fruit,
Thinking I shall be wise,
I has destroyed many nations,
You should be a bit more wise.

I, is the cause of sorrow
I, is the cause of pain
I, is the cause of depression
I, should not make you vain.

Kill that I, I tell you.
I know it is the root cause,
If you can refuse I,
You will live as you choose.

The key of success is controlling I,
Try my dear ones this remedy try.
If you need success then let I die
If you need success then let I die.

Note:- The poem talks about how, I could even destroy an angel called Lucifer, who fought with God, and later became satan . It also talks about Eve the woman was deceived by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit in her desire to be wise.

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