Rhythm of Life - Take IV. An Attempt at Rap Prose

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Rhythm comes, fascinates, swiftly goes!
From whence it comes? No one knows!
A word, a scene, or mere memories
are what I find, are things to please!
I make no plans, need no map:
Taking a walk after my daily nap.
Off I went across the nearby field,
just to see what exercise might yield?
Rhythms of Life, both fast and slow,
govern my days wheresoe’er I go!
Wrote whilst humming doh-cee-doh,
then posted it here, so’s you’d know!
Doubtless you’ll get more surprises,
when the future, as yet unknown, apprises
me with unknown poetic pleasantries.
Whether they offend, or simply please,
Rhythms of Life will inspire me again!
Be they thought exquisite, or a pain,
pulsating rhythms ebb and flow,
Listen up, it’s time to go!
If you ask, what is that sound
that pulsates here, and all around?
Rhythms of Life I say most knowingly,
they’re truly essential, for such as me!
Without their presence my muse is dead,
with nary a poetic thought in my head!
So hush - listen up, I hear the rings
which the Rhythm of Life brings
me as I compose a rhyme for thee!
Ever a blessing to a poet like me,
who hears the message they've revealed!
So saying, my fate is hereby sealed
and the end result - like it or not,
is what I wrote, and what you’ve got!

Rhymer. March 12th, 2018.
After reading Kenneth's "Rap prose" thought I'd try it myself.
Good or bad - here it is!

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