a poem by Thoughtmonger Varun, Nepal - poetry writer, author, poet

Man since the beginning
Running towards winning
Thus began Universal filming
Since atoms started spinning

Man’s first fire,
Till man on fire
Men who don’t tire
To move only higher
Stamping people on hire
Unchanged, now and prior

Past men of the ancient cave
Their living conditions, unsafe
Fighting animals, oh damn brave
Rested, only when put to grave

In-between came, Man of hardwork
Bodily motors that of a clockwork
Man began their theories of network
Worked strategical beauty; artwork

Now a modern man
Man of evolution
Their best solution
A human execution
Extreme Resolution
To silence Confusion

A reflection of the current creed
Take a look of the current breed
Through the eyes of man
Group of man without plan?
Man of hunger and that also of greed
Why do we want, more than our need?
Man of blindness, Man without faith
It’s never too late, to let go of hate?

Man of corruption,
With no interruption
Man of tragedy
Screaming in Vanity

Man in a hurry, driving vision blurry
Risking everyday, without any sorry
Man given stress and input irritation
Neglectful leader’s; Monster immitation
Man of psychological assymetry
Remedying lifestyle Inconveniently

Man of so much potential
Blessed by starry celestial
Man of infinite wisdom
Just to live as a victim

What is wrong with man?
There’s so much he can
Let’s be a better man
Stop all these scam
Unite a better clan
And be a manly man.

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