The Rhythm of Life (the 86th Musketeers Challenge)

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Kiss me
sweep the pieces
under your tongue'
leave my heart slung
over my shoulder
like a scarf
against the Winter
its' every storm
and gone..

I don't care
if the silence
doesn't know my name
for the rivers
will always fill with rain
all that clouds
know how to say
marking night the same
as the days..

dust me
quiet of the ashes
leave just birdsong
forest and trees
night where it breathes
never to long
in conscious need
of the permanent soul
our minds can't see..

truth swears
such sweet allegiance
stars as they dance
in yesterdays' sky
the whim and true why
of deeper dreaming
rhythms of life and scheming
the long and short of goodbye..

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