You are Fire!

a poem by Avijeet Das, India

I have been blessed to come across many inspiring women in my life. From the women in my family and friends to the women in my office and my students. And the women who are my colleagues, fellow writers, and artistes in Instagram!

This poem of mine titled "You are Fire" is dedicated to all the Inspiring girls and women in our world:

"You are Fire!"

Don’t believe these mere mortals.
They want to put you on a pedestal
and sing paeans to you;
later they would burn you
in the altar of that same fire!

Stand away and stand alone!
You are limitless!
But these mortals can only limit your sky!
You are the Universe!
But they will only give you a little space!
Break free! It’s a trap!
They want to cage you!
Because, they are afraid of your real power!

You are a woman.
You are the fire!
You are all conquering.
You are all powerful!

You are Supreme!
You were not born to be a mere beauty queen!!

- Avijeet Das

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