When I look at cactus

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

When I look at cactus,
I realize life must be harsh,
Even roses have plenty of thorns,
Plenty of sharp thorns.

When you’re surrounded,
Surrounded by a number of thorns,
Remember they are broken people,
Thorns are covering and that’s all.

The heat of the desert turns,
Turns the leaves to thorns,
Be a bit more forgiving,
Whenever pricked by thorns.

Thorns should not be repaid,
Repaid back by thorns,
Wounded should not be wounded,
Why make them mourn.

Give them love in the desert,
For desert is their life,
Add joy to the bleeding,
For you have life.

Only those who have the comforter with them can practise this fact. Do not attempt to practise this poem if you are not sure that you have the presence of the comforter that is the holy spirit.

When you insult
All my poems
Let begone be begone

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