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Thyagaraja learnt, within a year,
From his Guru, no wonder,
All the lessons from its basic
To the last notes in the music.

He developed his own style
That was received well
By all the music lovers
In his public performances.

“Thyagaraja is singing well.
I’m proud of my disciple.”
As a token of appreciation,
His Guru told everyone.

It was his maiden performance.
The hall was full of audience.
“Is he not so young in age?
How will he sing on the stage?

He started with a song
In Raga Bilahari and sang,
The hall in pin drop silence,
Heard his excellent performance.

(The Telugu song ran like this
Dorakuna Ittuvanti Seva)

“Will anyone get such a service?
Will any Sage who did penance
Or the Heaven born Devas
Get this kind of service?”

“Tumburu, Narada and the rest
Sing in praise of you, all the best?
Ambarisha, in chorus with others,
Sing all the Bhajan Songs.”

“The best of all the flowers
Pour over you like showers.
The dancers of the heaven
Dance before you, one by one.”

“Brahma and Indra stay
By your sides and pray
On your past deeds,
And your achievements.”

“The celestial nymphs
Who stand by your sides
Fan all over you well,
While their bangles jingle.”

“All the beautiful chains
Shine with colorful gems.
They swing side by side
With their charm and pride”

“To see Lord Sriman Narayana,
In the floating bed of Adishesha,
This kind of a rare service
Where will be in the Universe?”

“Your body has the color
Like a blue gem sapphire.
It is covered by clothes silken
With their borders golden.”

“Your nails on both feet
With their shine defeat
The brightness of the moon
Thus mocking the moon.”

“You are wearing the best
Of bright golden anklets.
The shining bracelets
Beautify your both arms.”

“The pearl chains, the best,
Cover your broad chest.
Both the shining earrings
Add beauty to your earlobes.”

“The curly frontal hairs
Besides your smiling face
Also your mirror like chins
Add to your divine grace.”

“The Tilak on your forehead
Gives us a spiritual lead.
Where else can one find this service,
When all the beauties are at one place?”

“The entire scene stuns
Even the realized Sages
On the golden swing you sit.
Mother Sita is happy to see it.”

“While Thyagaraja is pulling
Back and forth the swing
Also the songs he is singing,
Rama is seated smiling.”

“Lord Rama, the great one,
The destroyer of demons,
The protector of the world,
Where else can you find?”

This kept them spellbound
As they never heard
Such a beautiful song
In their life, all along.


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