Brick walls

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Over many years you have built these walls
Each one higher and bigger the falls
Its kind of a comfort the pain you feel
When you hit the ground, it makes it real

Its what I deserve you convince yourself
It's easier to believe you belong on the shelf
Too many mistakes, it's time to hide
The wounds are so raw and gape so wide

Each brick filled with painful memory
A strong defence built from the debris
Of a broken life, a haunting past
But this wall is strong, surely it will last

The cement holding it together, bitter tears
Formed by disappointment over the years
This time it won't be broken, it's too strong it cant come down, it's taken too long

I know it's not easy, the pain it runs deep
It's not a choice anymore, its even there in your sleep
I'm not saying be happy or make yourself right
I just want to remind you that your in my sight

I see that you struggle and it breaks my heart
It saddens me that you forgot I was here from the start
But I'm still here and love you the same
Lift up your head child out of that shame

These walls you have built, I want to break down
But not all at once, I won't let you drown
You can trust me my child, I promise you this
I have peace beyond compare and glorious bliss

All that I ask is that you take my hand
Step by step we will reach the promised land
Those gaping wounds I will begin to heal and that freedom you crave, once more you will feel

I love you my child and I always will
Let me show you my love, come and be still
Each brick of hurt, each wall so high
I will replace with love, you don't have to try.

I see the way you look at me
Walking with God
A heart of Worship

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