An On-Deck Party

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

An On-Deck Party

Coloured lights red,yellow and blue
Sparkly against a dark,black sea-horizon
Subtle peals as the breeze strikes the bulbs
The manes of my ship is all lit and burn

The now empty deck is exuberantly lit and set
And soon it will be all full and brimming
Full of people I have missed so long
For so many years this day I've been dreaming

Earlier in the day,I was relaxing a holiday-slumber
With no knowledge of an on-deck party until,
The afternoon sun shone bright on my face
And a soft music came wafting through the window-sill

Funny 'cause for a moment I was at home
Like a next door TV suddenly waking me up
Few seconds and the dreamy haze lifted off
When I sleepily knocked off my china teacup

Tranced by the soft lucid music,
I forgot to clean up the broken bits underfoot
And let myself out of my reverie while,
I unknowingly slid open the door to the sea-brute

Well,the sea was no brute this time
A calm,regal expanse of blue they had seen
We owned the ship and it felt so secure
But I had yet to trace that music's origin

Floating notes of a yellow summer day I remembered
Took me no time to place them all at once
No more than ten steps to the ship's back I needed
To combine a special pal,the song and my gaze's dance

Ofcourse!It IS you my long lost friend
See!His music can never ever betray my ears
What else!I panic seeing him so alive and close
And run for him forgetting all of my fears

He was playing the guitar,a Dolly Parton song
One of the oldest of all songs I have loved
We used to sing at first not knowing the lyrics
One of the first few English songs we ever served

We sang a while and unknowingly time flew by
When he suddenly stopped choosing to walk instead
I missed my twilight-strolls with him for years so,
We mid-sea-strolled into the twilight loom ahead.

Unfinished recollections too many we had,
Giggling and laughing at how much both had to say,
Flooded with years of separation and diverse gossip,
Nail-biting and stopping the other mid-way :P

"Okhay! Wait! I think I smell a-known upstairs,do you?"
I heard a familiar laughter from the starboard side above
"Tshering perhaps! Boy! This is magical!",cried he in joy
An easily traceable, simpleton-boy's chuckles of love.

Years back, in days we adorned the uniform all together
Tshering's gaze remained affixed at his staggering lady
And believe me when I say no force was so strong as to,
Break this amourous unrequitted power till today,maybe.

We reached the front deck, full twilight purple it is now,
Two hot-air balloons Tshering had put on display,
Smiling strongly as we started stepping into the scene,
Tears of welled-up longings spilled in liquid-array

"Today I'm untying myself from the years of grief"
This red balloon will trail away with it upon release
The pink one on the other hand, is the celibratory one,
Pink for this camraderie and red to let my grief appease :D

It all happened in a split-moment 'cause we ran and shrieked
For our old Tshering now slim and strong after years
Clasping him from both sides after ages together,
"So how's the lady doing?",Shine whispered into his ears.

Tshering felt the embrace with an added sigh of complacence
Knowing he had waded himself out of the mess of his last flame
I giggled as he shifted his gaze towards me in answer
We knew our fella was another this time, just with the same name

The wind dragged the balloons away and we heaved a sigh,
Imaginery rising circles into which they kept being blown
Rising heavenwards into the vast purple as if proclaiming
A pride of joy, peace and strong-ties to places unknown.

The skies had started to darken and the stars began to twinkle
In the darkness we spotted little lights embellish a dark hill
Croatia it was with our dear Sir. Paul in her dainty bosom
Our journey together we knew was ending though we had had our fill.

Poor Sir will hopefully cry in shock of his pupils' transformation
Seeing how we managed to grow into little leaders of his kind
A bow of Boscolite hands clasped together in memoirs of his ashes
Miles in between yet sticking together with a bond so blind.

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