Halo of Warmth ( About a criminal who speaks of his mom)

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

When darkness paints all and we turn into our quarters,
Yes, I smile recalling jeering moments of the day
The smile that upholds my first bonafide task, reeking victory
Sighs, as this joy stays undoubled, dear mama being history

But I feel her silent Spectre, subtle wrinkled finger taps
Follows a gush of wind and a whisper saying, I've got your back"
Years of transformation I owe to my dear mama
Shedding old unwanted shells of greed and unnecessary drama

Young lad, you don't realize the precious gift you own
Squandering your mother's love, like old leaflets forgotten and outworn
She used to cringe in joy in her last days I remember
Sturdier in death than alive when my vices I chose to surrender

Surfacing the reseivoirs of joy down mother's last days
A dying patient now light- hearted with desires surfaced
I matched her dreams and searches we both found impossible
Finally meeting my soul's true greed, a love beautiful and indispensable

So there, now is the time young lad I prithee
Why waste this gift I no longer have enough to see
A lady so pure and kind that she chooses you everyday
That you have the choice of gratitude over your hateful display

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