TWIN LIVES (About an Ophthalmologist who balances her life as a figure-skater)

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

I swirl, I swirl, I swirl,
I have seen their eyes unfurl
I have known their sorrow and pain,
Constantly figuring out a life in vain.

I jump, I jump, I jump,
Finding new ways every social-bump,
Painting eyes daily I've seen,
How astounding a job in AEC had been

I ache, I ache, I ache,
Happily, ofcourse, over the frozen lake,
It's joy if the child bats an eye
Swears a vision mama thought would die,

I fly, I fly, I fly,
I feel the bliss letting out a cry,
The joy of operating daily I sense,
Mastered art we regularly dispense.

I cut, I cut, I cut
Into ice the blades press and rut,
I recall the skills chop away the dullness,
Streaming light into dents of darkness.

I spin, I spin, I spin,
Blissful turns I take and grin,
The eyes of disbelief I swear and deny,
Noticing an evolution in me so high.

I loop, triple toe, Axel and flip,
Past wrong stories I rack and rip,
Feet and hands glow and smoothen,
For, with it my carer-dreams are interwoven

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