a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet


Govind Marar, by name,
To see the Saint, came.
From Thiruvanandapuram,
All the way he came.

He was a great singer
And expressed his desire
To sing before Rama Deity,
With all his selfless piety.

By day, the program started.
Late by night, it ended.
His matchless performance,
Enchanted the audience.

The Saint took this occasion,
And sang, in appreciation,
In Raga Sriraga, a song
As a thanks giving.

(He sang the song:
Endharo Mahanubhavu
Andhariki Vandhanamu)

“My obeisance to all those
Who’re really great persons,
For the sake of the Lord
Who, in their hearts, seated.”

“Oh the most beautiful one,
The Cupid, you’ve beaten!
They’re here so known,
As the best virtuous men.
My obeisance to them!”

“Controlling their fickle minds,
Those rocking like monkeys,
They worship the Lord
As their merciful God.
My Obeisance to them!”

“At your graceful feet
Readily they all submit
Their lotus like hearts,
To pay their respects,
My obeisance to them!”

“They know, you are
A Savior of the poor,
And sing in praise
Of all your glories.
My obeisance to them!”

“They know pretty well
Of Raga, beats, scale,
When they all sing
Each and every song.
My obeisance to them!

“With beads mala in their necks,
And their nectar-like looks
The world appears too kind
And wise, it’s what they find,
My obeisance to them!”

“In the ocean of happiness
They’re also so famous
As they see with their eyes
The Majestic God always.
My obeisance to them!

“There’re great many Sages
Like Moon, Sun, Sanaga
Sanandas, Dhikbalas, Prahalada,
Great many celestial men, Devas,
My obeisance to them!”

“Also there’re Lords
Like Narada, Tumburu,
Brahma, Siva, Suga,
And realized Brahmins.
My obeisance to them!”

“They worship your name
Valor, courage, fame
Kindness, truthfulness,
And repeat their prayers.
My obeisance to them!”

“They know the secrets of Ramayana,
Bhagawadam and Bhagwad Gita,
Besides knowing the six religions
And respecting thirty crores of Devas.
My obeisance to them!”

“Knowing the songs, their raga-beats,
They’ve a long life in happiness
And worship Rama all the time.
Thyagaraja’s submission to them.”


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