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The Siva Temple at Kovur,
Came next in his tour.
Five gems like songs,
He sang on His glories.

He went to Chennai then
With all his group of men.
Sundaram Mudaliar, a host,
Took him there as a guest.

While leaving for Tiruvaiyar
The host, Sundaram Mudaliar
Gave him thousand gold coins
But he touched not even one.

The host secretly kept
The coins in the back seat
Of the Saint’s palanquin,
Informing two trusted men.

They left the city at last.
It was getting late at night.
They went thru’ a forest
With burning torch lights.

When some thieves threw,
Like missiles, stones flew,
Thus injuring those men
Who were in the procession..

The Saint wasn’t worried
As nothing he carried
As valuables with him
Like this, he told them.

But the two men told
About the hidden gold.
He was not perturbed
As he disliked the gold.

He told, “We don’t need
These coins made of gold.
Better give them to the thieves
Who came for looting us.”

But the two men replied,
“The host gave us gold
To glorify Rama, the Lord
So, let us keep it, as he said.”

He said, “Let Rama save it,
If the Lord wants it.”
Then the procession moved,
About the gold, unconcerned.

Early in the morning,
The thieves came running,
Fell down at the Saint’s feet
With a word of regret.

They said, “Oh Master!
We saw two beautiful warriors,
Armed with bows and arrows,
Guarding your men and possessions.”

“One was in front of the palanquin,
Another behind the procession,
Throwing stones like rain
That caused us severe pain.”

“We ran away out of fear.
To see them, we came here,
But they’re not to be seen
Now where have they gone?”

The Saint told them with tears,
“The two men, who caused you fears,
Are none but Lakshman and Ram!
How fortunate you’re to see them.”

He wondered, how the Lord
Came running to safeguard
The interest of His devotees
When they were in distress.

Though thieves they were all
He advised them to spell
And chant the holy name
Of the Most Merciful Ram.

(He sang in Raga Saranga
Entha Bhagyamu MaaBalga Kalki Dhivi)

“What a fortune is this?
You ever remain for us,
As a Sole Protector!
Yes, it’s no wonder!”

“You came before me,
Smilingly talked to me,
Removed my worries,
And saved me thus.”

“You saved Sages, so many,
Who deserved your mercy,
Similarly I was saved by you
To my good fortune, it’s true.”


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