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(1) The first song in Raga Nata and Tala: Adi:
“Jagada Nanda Karaga
Jaya Janani Prana Nayaka.”

“Oh, the giver of all happiness
To the entire world always!
Oh, Mother Sita’s life partner!
Success will be yours forever.”

“Born in the famous Solar Race,
Oh You, the King of Kings,
The ocean of goodness, success,
You’re worshiped by Devas”

“Among Devas, the Stars,
Like the Moon you’re.
You’re the Universe.
Also you’re faultless.”

“Like Karapaga Tree you remain,
For all those heaven-born.
You’re the one famous
For stealing curd-milk-pots.”

“With your nectar-flowing-words,
You’ve the most beautiful face.
You’re the leader of all cows,
In your body full of happiness.”

“As Lakshmi’s Consort you shine.
Also young, you ever remain.
You’re too good to all those,
Who love you as your devotees.”

“With the flowing nectar
From the lotus-like-Vedas,
Well up, you’re brought,
To grow up to this height.”

“You’re like the wind
That blow out the clouds,
The perpetual enemies
Of the heavenly Devas.”

“Garuda, as your vehicle,
You own for your travel.
You stay in the hearts
Of all the popular poets.”

“All the monkey leaders greet
And worship your lotus feet.
You’ve the body that shines
Like Indra’s blue gem that glows.”

“The Sun and the moon,
The two eyes of yours shine.
None can easily guess
All the fame of yours.”

“You’re Brahma’s father, Vakeesan,
Among all, the Supreme one,
Resting on the Serpent, Adisesha,
Also worshiped by Lord Siva.”

“The touch of your merciful feet,
Cancelled the *Sage’s curse outright,
You’re the protector of all sacrifices.
You’ve learnt the superior **mantras.”

(*Sage Gothama cursed Ahalya to go invisible.
The touch of Rama’s feet cancelled this curse.
**Rama learnt Bala and Adibala, the two mantras
To forget hunger and fatigue, while guarding Sage
Viswamitra’s fire sacrifice.”)

“Always kind hearted you’re.
Also Sita’s consort you’re.
Brahma, born from the lotus,
From you only got the boons.”

“Creation, protection, destruction,
You do all the three functions.
You fulfill demands, countless.
For beauty, you’re matchless.”

“Lord Indra worships you.
It was none but you
Who brought down
The ego of Ocean King.”

“As the essence of Ramayan.
You’re the most merciful one.
You’re that shinning moon,
Rose up from men’s mental-ocean.”

“You own *Pushpaka Viman,
Also the lotus feet you own
Are massaged well by Hanuman,
Who conquered Surasa Demon.”

(*The flower decked spaceship)

“As the conqueror of demons,
Also as the unconquered one,
Lord Brahma worships you
And finds solace in you.”

“You’re a parrot, more colorful,
Inside the cage of “OM” syllable,
And have three roles to play
As Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.”

“You’re the destroyer
Of Indrajit’s father,
Ravana, the demon,
The ferocious one.”

“As Lord Siva’s companion,
The most merciful one,
You’re the protector of devotees
Who crave for your mercies.”

“You’re the one who gives,
To wise ones, all the happiness,
The one, who’s most impartial,
And the Vedas’ essence as well.”

“The one whose hand carries
A bow meant to suppress
All the demons’ arrogance
And to save the innocence.”

“As the protector of all Devas
Also sacred Brahmins, the wise,
You’re in the pages of history
Praised by the Sage Valmiki.”

“You’re the one worshiped
By Thyagaraja as his Lord.
You’re the ancient one,
As the emperor’s son.”

“On those, who surrender,
All your mercies, you shower.
Kara,Virada, Ravana, the demons,
You killed to save the virtuous ones.”

“You’re the most faultless and sinless one.
In Sage Parasara’s heart, you ever remain.
You’re the one worshiped
By Thyagaraja as his Lord.”

“You possess all the virtues.
You wear the best silky dresses.
Your arrow pierced Mara Trees.
Your feet resemble like lotus.”

“Your reputation is limitless.
You sit in the poets’ hearts.
Also you’re very close
To all the Sages and Devas.”

“The Consort of Lakshmi you’re.
As Narasimha, you’re a destroyer
Of all the elephant-size-sins
And the Savior of your devotees.”

“You’re the most merciful,
Worshiped by one and all
Also by this humble devotee
Thyagaraja, for your mercy.”


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