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3. The third song in Raga Arabhi, Tala Adi:
“Sadhinchene Oh Manasa,”

“Morals many he did preach,
The spiritual path to reach,
But he himself broke them
For his own needs sometime.”

“His words, many times, did vary.
It was he, who caused worry
To Devaki and Vasudeva both,
As an act of play on this earth.”

“On the stage, a hero he is.
He created this holy Ganges.
It’s he, who has brought
Classical music to this height.”

“The wishes of Gopi-women,
Never had he fulfilled, not even one,
But he taunted every one of them,
Just for joke several times.”

“He enchanted women always,
So, they’ll worship him this way.
But his love for the devotees
Is beyond any measures.”

“Yasoda took him for his son,
And gave him a kiss then,
But he gave a cunning smile,
Knowing her innocence well.”

“He’s an ocean of goodness.
From his birth, he’s flawless.
From the bottom of my heart,
On his roles only, I meditate.”

“In Kali Yuga, he came here,
For us to live with no fear.
Always from my lotus heart,
Like this, I pray and chant:”

“Hare Ramachandra!
Lord of the Solar Race!
A speaker of sweet words!
Resting on Snake-Adishesa-bed!”

“A brother of all women!
A Lord, having no birth!
As vehicle, Garuda he owns!
Worshipped by Emperors, he’s!”

“A pure-clean body he has!
Also a pair of lotus-like eyes!”
Despite all kind of prayers
To save me, why he hesitates?

“Oh Venkatesa! Omnipotent,
Sitting in every noble heart!
The Supreme among all,
Wearing golden dresses well!”

“Wearing golden crowns,
And sparkling ear-pendants,
He’s Hari, whom I’m praising,
But he goes away without caring.”

“He told me, he’s like this
With his close devotees,
But he accepted all my offers.
‘Don’t be angry,’ he says.”

“Don’t mix with atheists.
And bear with all pains.
All these words he only says,
As giver of all kind of happiness.”

“Ever, in praise of him, Thyagaraja sings,
Yet, to come near me, why he hesitates?
Yes, whatever way he thinks,
In that manner only he decides.”


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