There’s no Road Map for Our Journey Through Life.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

At birth no road map is found,
nor signs of where not to tread,
with no hazard seen nor marked,
or warnings of dangers ahead.

The road we travel will be full
of temptation and sinful diversion.
Whilst every single mile it’s hoped,
will prove a pleasing excursion.

Yes, there’ll be stops along the way,
as we encounter grief and sorrow.
At times we’ll stop and ask - why so?
and do we continue on tomorrow?

Before we first start down life’s road,
we must choose our intended direction.
Deciding which is the right road to take
is a most required and critical selection.

At times on facing detours and hazards,
we\ll make decisions we’ll later deplore,
when tempted to stray from the road,
and choose licentious ways to explore.

But life’s rewards will be abundant,
if, of all the varied roads we travel,
by dint of resolve, we proceed with caution
at those times should ill laid plans unravel.

Good guidance can help us on our way,
with our chosen route, not cast in stone,
but when we come to the end of our road,
then for our mistakes, we must atone.

So be aware of the road you’re taking,
it’s a long journey that’s truly unique.
Then with old friends you are meeting,
it’s with joyful recollection, you speak.

Though true, at birth no map can be found:
for our life’s journey - be it short or long,
and we know nothing of our destination,
or if our intention is right or wrong,
but later, when our journey is done,
we’ll look back with pride or scorn,
and pray it was a worthwhile journey,
that began the moment we were born!

Rhymer. April 11th, 2018. 2018.

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