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The Sage’s unkind action
Brought a total destruction
Of lives and property
In the entire country.

As wild animals attacked,
The people were scared.
When the King asked,
His ministers replied:

“The situation is alarming.
So, we’ll go for hunting,
That’ll create a terror
And drive them out in fear.”

He immediately gave orders
To call for all the hunters.
Hunters with their spears,
Came in countless numbers.

Dogs, white, black, red,
In various colors chased.
Drummers drummed
Torch bearers followed.

Cart load of ropes,
Big nets and traps
Were carried to catch
Animals after a watch.

They took strong bows,
With plenty of arrows,
To kill wild animals
Roaming in jungles.

With Chandramathi, his consort
Harichandran went in his chariot
To hunt the wild animals
And kill the ferocious creatures,

The King’s brave soldiers
Joining with the hunters,
Chased all the animals
Deep into the jungles.

Many were trapped.
Many were killed.
They burnt jungles
Out came more animals.

Animals burned in fire.
Some ran away in fear.
Blood flowed like river.
It was a scene of horror.

With their complaints
Escaped animals went
To Viswamithra then
For his merciful action.

He created a wild pig,
That was unusually big
To defeat Harichandran,
That was his next plan.

The magical pig killed,
As many as it attacked.
To the King, hunters ran,
For their safe protection,

The king became hot.
His one arrow shot
Blew the pig out
Killing it on the spot.

The King then went
And rested in his tent.
In his sleep that night
A bad dream he dreamt.

He married in his dream
Five wives at a time,
One he gave to a hermit,
The second one ran out.

Without food that day,
The third passed away.
Her eyes, the fourth lost.
The fifth stayed till last.

Next day, he sent for
His wise chief minister,
Who explained to him
How to unfold the dream.

“It means, you’ll lose
Your kingdom, besides
Wealth, wife, and child
But win back all at the end.”

Chandramathi felt sorry,
But said, “Let us not worry
As we’ve committed no sin,
And truth shall always win.



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