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After his magic pig was shot
Viswamithra became very hot.
He thought of the next plan
To defame King Harichandran.

From his two nostrils
Came two young girls
They were like women
From low-caste-born

They had charming faces.
And wore sexy dresses.
They had fine voices,
Like those of cuckoos.

Their music did make
Even the dead awake.
The next action plan,
To explain, he began.

“Go to King Harichandran.
Your music let him listen.
Take no gifts, not even one.
Let him accept you, in return.”

They did as commanded
And thereafter demanded
They be as wives taken,
As a token of appreciation.

The king offered wealth
To the maidens both,
But they still insisted on
Marriage, again and again.

The king was stubborn.
They brought an accusation,
That a thief he was then
In refusing them to own.

“Send them to prison.
They’re making a fun
In demanding like this
That appears ridiculous.”

Before soldiers went near,
They both ran out of fear,
And went to the Sage
With their tears and rage.

When the girls cried out,
The Sage was quite upset.
He rushed to the spot
Where the king took rest.

He said, “Oh King, listen
You’ve no compassion
For the pig or the girls
I sent with my orders.”

“Marry the two girls,
Or receive my curse.”
His eyes became red
With anger, he displayed.

The king said, “How can
A king take inferior women?
I would give up my possessions
Than marrying these women.”

The Sage took up his word
And with no hesitation said,
“Then give me all your wealth
For not marrying them both.”

The King took the water
From the adjacent river
And poured it in Sage’s hands
In fulfillment of his demands.

The Sage accepted this offer.
He made the king a pauper
And then gave him a curse
As he rejected both the girls.

“You’ll work under
A low caste master
As a menial servant,”
And then away he went.


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