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Sathyakeerthi brought fruits
Which they all ate,
But Sukran did protest
That it wasn’t sufficient.

He said, “I don’t eat
Mere fruits and nuts,
I need regular food
The one nicely cooked.”

Harichandran said,
“No other good food
Except fruits and nuts
We can find in forests.”

“This now you take,
Please, for my sake,
When we reach the city
We’ll get food plenty.”

“I’ll see that you get
Cooked food to eat
Also the dues are paid.”
This much he assured.

The Sage Viswamithra sent
Fearful devils and ghosts
Just to terrorize them
Without killing them.

They moved on and on
Despite storm or rain,
Until they reached near
The holy Ganges River.

It gave them little pleasure,
To take bath in the river.
For rest, they went then
To a nice flower garden.

It was time for the sunset.
They stayed there for rest
And quiet that night went
With no unusual event.

The sound of tigers
Lions and elephants,
Disturbed not their sleep
As it was so deep.

Next day, Sukran said,
“Further tortures to avoid,
Better, take back your land
Forget your promise, friend.”

He tried to tempt the King,
Who was not yielding
To such temptations
As a man of principles.

They crossed the River Sona .
And then the River Yamuna.
Moving from place to place
Gave them tiresome experience.

Suddenly, the Sage appeared.
To the King, he said,
“Out of pity, I came here.
Yes, it’s too late never.”

“Say you didn’t give free
Any of your lands to me,
Then they become yours.
Be free from such ordeals.”

The King said, “Never I’ll say
Today or any other day,
Just to satisfy you, a lie
Despite troubles I may buy.”

“Such an act would mean,
Take back the alms given
From a beggar and then eat
Without shame or self-respect.”

“At least, marry my two girls
And go free from such ordeals.
You’ll then be happy
And make me also happy.”

He replied, “Desire on gold,
Land and maid is no good,
And it shall be, to anyone
Never on other’s compulsion.”

“Will anyone vomit
And then back eat it?
Such a disgusting act
It’ll be, back if I take it.”

The Sage said, “Twice
You must think, not once,
When you give alms,
To win or lose others.”

The King replied, “Throw me
In fire or into pieces cut me,
Still I’ll not take back again
What was once given.”

The hot sage shouted,
“For this, be prepared
To face further ordeals
And serious troubles.”

He thought of Sukran,
Who came there then.
He gave him instructions
To give them more pains.

He asked the Fire God
Around them to spread
And create more fear
Without going near.

Fire God replied,
“I’m so afraid
Of Chandramathi
For her chastity.”

“Yet, I must obey you,
To avoid curse from you,”
Near them fire came
But didn’t burn them.

When asked, Sukran said,
“Fire will not subside
Until a royal body it eats
This is what I forecast.”

The minister offered first,
The king offered second,
The mother came third,
And the son, as the last.

But the fire didn’t go near,
As it had its own fear
Against the heat of chastity,
That came from Chandramathi.

With all their anxiety,
They reached Kasi City,
Where they could find
A new life of some kind.


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