a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Mr Jeffrey Humphrey was a man whom
I knew not on a personal level,
yet by inference I did learn he was
enterprising; articulated through
the eyes and hearts of his extended
VoicesNet family.
As the sinew of his fashioned masterstroke,
he afforded a blank canvas for the
literary artist; whereby a
continuum of remarkable
literature and dependable
friendships amicably coexist.
Perceptibly, he recognised the power of
the written word and how enriching the
endless possibilities and rewards
of extended thinking. I pray that he
realised the full potential of his
creation that is the VoicesNet Community.
I extend sincere respect to a visionary
individual, and deem myself
advantaged for the ability
to continue contributing to
Mr. Humphreys’ website. His surviving
aggrieved family, descendants and friends are
within my thoughts and prayers.
Some individuals do not belong
on this earth; thus impermanently
inherited. With the eventuality
of their vocations realized, the
Holy Father shortly receives them.
With downcast faces and disconsolate
hearts, I wish our Godfather of VoicesNet
peaceful rest among the providence keep.

© Adam Archer 2018

Please accept my deepest condolences during this bereaved time of shock and grief.

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