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This is a popular love story that was originally written in Sanskrit By Poet Harsha of North India under the title 'Naishadam.' It was later written in Tamil by Poet Pugazhendi of South India in the name of 'Nala Venba' somewhere between 9th and 13th century AD. Apart from the story value, the poetic style in which it was written in Tamil was very much unique and unparalleled in its presentation. Though the English rendering of the contents in the English poetry form has not been that much easy, I have tried my best to present here the story in its original form to the extent possible. This series containing 32 episodes will reveal to the present generation the lifestyle and culture of the people of those times.


King Nalan married Dhamayanthi much against the will of the evil minded Kali, who had an intention to marry her, Due to the evil influence of Kali, Nalan played gambling and had lost his kingdom. He was driven to the forest life, where he got himself separated from his wife. She then came back and stayed with her parents. He went in disguise to Kasi kingdom and worked as a cook and charioteer under the king of Kasi. On an occasion when the King of Kasi came to participate in the second swayam varam function of Dhamayanthi, Nalan also came there along with the king. Finally, they found Nalan, who joined his wife and children happily.

Comments by Poetess Late Sandra Fowler, Litt.D, West Virginia, USA

'The Story Of Nalan' is one of Rajaram Ramachandran's most eloquent creative efforts to date. His rendering of this epic work into the English language should earn him an honored place in the pages of India's poetic history.

This indefatigable wordsmith has lost none of his creative energy. His legendary skill for bringing past centuries to vivid life excites the imagination of the reader and makes ancient events seem as current as if they had only happened yesterday. The thirty-two episodes that contain the romantic adventures of Nalan are presented with clarity, with simplicity and with grace. They are accessible to readers of all ages and walks in life.

This narrative is as timeless as love itself, and it has a happy ending. This is rather unique among the stories of star crossed lovers. Memorable lines abound. I like Rajaram's description of the beauty of Dhamayanthi as being like, 'The light of a lamp that burns nonstop'. And these metaphorical lines about Nalan who lost his heart and came in search of it in his fast chariot.

My favorite episode is the one entitled, 'Indra's Message'. In this episode, Nalan and Dhamayanthi meet for the first time and become, almost instantly, one soul in two bodies. To my western one of thinking, this is the meaning of the fascinating phrase, 'There were no twos'. Rajaram Ramachandran has excelled himself in the writing of, 'The Story Of Nalan'. It is a beautiful, luminous piece rich in both simile and metaphor. Poetry is essentially a performance. This one is worthy of bouquets of best wishes and many encores.


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