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The earth is shaking is this love we are faking or is this just a dance before we say goodbye?
Is the song that I hear just screams of fear or is life just passing me by?
Will the clouds give me a ride through a past that I hide or will change help unblock all my goals?
Money is so green sometimes it can be mean but attracts more of it's own. It helps to get
people's attention if you give or mention money like their time is always spent on the phone.
Money can make life more smoothing as long as people aren't ruling or hurting one of their own.
Time can be great if you can have patience to wait and trust the voice that boldly speaks
in your head. It would be nice with sugar and spice if we could have kindness rule the world instead.
Love can be beautiful and if we both participate we can produce a child of our own. It is the
beauty of life to mold into what is right and all the memories and joy it can bring. Music
can accommodate and help translate feelings we play and sing. A catastrophe can strike
that makes you fall off your bike or a hit and run that leaves you half dead. These thoughts are random and run through my head I am
still searching for the answers for what lies ahead.

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