JJ Eulogy. Musketeer April 2018 Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

When born of Love, it’s with Love we’ll grow,
and by dint of our poetry, it will prove and show
the world, that by use of passionate poetic ways
we’ll leave a legacy, which long after earthly days
are done, will serve as reminder of our affection,
for this art. By our endeavours we offer direction
as to the way we thought. Today it is towards grief
our poetry is directed, for it is our sincere belief
that JJ, who left us without giving prior warning:
and for whom this day, VN Members are mourning,
was instrumental in encouraging many to compose,
and post poetry of varied genres, along with prose,
that others might read. Due to his efforts, VN was born.
Today the Membership in accord, greatly saddened - mourn
the passing of a man who had the imagination to see
the benefits such poetry from this world wide fraternity
would impart. Evident when their works are for all to read.
The platform of VN, he provided, served to fill a need
greatly required, that ensured no poet had cause to fear
any snide, disparaging remark, racial slur or boorish sneer!
This place, which fosters and encourages positive thought,
possesses a world wide membership who, having sought
a safe haven, wherein they could showcase their poetry,
were pleased to discover this oasis, was truly a safe sanctuary,
and have since posted poems, as and when they choose!
Today we must ensure VN continues on, and must never lose
sight of the vision that was his. A worthy legacy to his life,
as we send our condolences to his Family and grieving wife.
As one who enjoys the camaraderie of the VN Membership,
it is my fervent hope, his Legacy, ensures VN remains a safe ship,
in which poets of all genres, can sail confidentally into the unknown!
All thanks due to JJ. A Visionary which so many of us have known!

Rhymer. April 14th, 2018.

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