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The heat ever remained high
In Lord Shiva’s forehead eye,
But when Sage Narada came
Cool, this hot eye became.

Wherever Sage Narada went
He played a string instrument,
Magada Yazh was its name,
And it earned its own fame.

The Sage went to Indran,
The ruler of the heaven,
Where Karpaka Tree grew
Around which bees flew.

He saw Narada’s face

The wings of the mountain
Were once clipped by Indran,
The Lord of all Devas,
The higher heavenly beings.

Indran owned a Vajra force
Like the lightning-brightness
He doubted why no warrior,
Nor any king came there?

He looked with grace
Narada’s saintly face
Expecting some news
From his own source.

The News of Suyam-Varam

Narada, the senior of all sages,
And who surpassed many ages,
Never, at anytime, spoke a lie.
He went around the earth and sky.

He told the Lord Indran,
About the King Vimarasan,
His daughter’s wedding
And the kings’ gathering.

Security to Cupid’s wealth

“Though beautiful she was
Weak she appeared because
Of her love-sickness
That caused her weakness.”

“Honeybees moved closer
To her long dark hairs,
Having a natural flavour,
Attracting them all near.”

“To the tribe of Vimarasan,
She was a matchless one,
Like the light of a lamp,
That burned non-stop.”

“Like a security she did
To the wealth of Cupid,”
Like this Narada said,
Which Indran heard.

Got up for the sake of garland

Indran severed the wings
Of all the mountains once,
When his great Vajra force
Went on a fighting course.

His ego made him arrogant.
With other Devas, he went
To the Suyam-Varam function
Leaving his beautiful heaven.

Lost and search

Nalan, who had lost
For his lover, his heart,
Came in search of it,
Fast in his chariot.

On the way, Devas met
Nalan in his chariot,
That stopped for a while
On seeing them all.

Agreed for the job

Indran requested Nalan,
“May I ask you one?
Will you please agree
To do a job for me?”

Nalan agreed readily
Not knowing really
What job to be done,
But, just to please Indran.

Go to the girl as a messenger

Indran said, “Oh King, listen
I know you’re the one
Having many red eyed elephants
And fast moving chariots.”

“You’ll go, as our messenger,
To the great Vimarasan’s daughter,
And tell her to garland one of us.
This, we’ll leave it to her choice.”

On hearing this, Nalan
Took up his hard decision
To give up his love for her
And go as a messenger.

Like a flute mind rolled

Nalan, as a great ruler,
With his ever cool nature,
Was stuck up in between
Duty and love, which one?

Like a flute, wavered his mind.
No reason he couldn’t find
To reject the offer he made
Nor forget the love he had.

How to go unnoticed?

Great Nalan had the will,
The sea of love, to control.
“Oh Devas,” he then asked,
How can I go there unnoticed?

“You know, that beautiful place
Is surrounded by strong force,
Tell me, how I can pass
Thro’ all the security force?”

In invisible form see

The wings of the mountains,
Excepting Mynagam Mountain,
Were once severed by Indran
With his Vajra army, who won.

Indran said, “Never mind
No one will find
When you’re there.
Go without any fear.”

It was like a golden city

Vimarasan’s golden city
Had its own beauty
With many secured gates
And well designed houses.

Did it come from heaven?
This was the question
That came up to anyone
Who went thro’ any town.

Lily and Lotus

To Kundinapuram went Nalan
Unnoticed by any one.
He entered the mansion
Where his lover stayed in.

Dhamayanthi saw Nalan
Who stood there alone.
Both eyes and eyes met
Not knowing each other yet.

They saw each other
In that unusual hour,
As if a lily flower
Looked at a lotus flower.

Chastity unlocked the door

Beautiful Dhamayanthi’s eyes
Gazed Nalan’s lotus-like eyes.
Her hidden desire for him
Just then opened before him.

The chastity that locked the door
Now opened the same for her.
She landed in a new situation
On this unexpected occasion.

Vision that touched the heart

It wasn’t clear to her then
Whether her eyes’ vision,
That touched her heart
Got extended at last.

King Nalan, the victorious,
With his broad shoulders,
Had a sea of beauty in him,
That pulled her towards him.

Shyness obstructed love

“Will my covered breast
Hug his broad chest?”
Before this kind of feeling
Her shyness was obstructing.

“Tell the truth,” she asked.

When shyness prevented her
She asked him, “Who, you’re?
This is a virgin’s mansion.
How dare you’ve come in?”

“Tell me the truth now.
You came here how?
How the security outside
Allowed you inside?”

While asking like this
Her eyes shed tears,
Drenching her ear rings,
Which went off twinkling.

Nalan replied

“My name is Nalan.
Nidathanadu is mine.
As Indran’s messenger
I came to you here.”

Like this, he explained her,
What for he came there?
While telling this, he hid
His love-feelings deep inside.

Garland one of Devas

Bees were drinking honey
From the flowers many,
Rolled into her garlands,
Touching her both hands.

“Ignore not my advice
That it’s not so wise,
Let your garland go to Indran,
Who’s a Lord in the heaven.”

Suyam-Varam for your sake.

“Oh Victorious King, listen,
It’s for you, goes this function,
With all pomp and show
Better, this you must know.”

Saying this, she insisted
On keeping it in his mind.
Thus, out she revealed
Her true love, in the end.

Come to the Assembly

The beautiful, Dhamayanthi,
Told him then, “To the assembly
Do come with your Devas.
I shall see you with my eyes.”

He prayed Indran

Nalan, as a messenger,
Passed on to her,
What Indran had said.
With that his duty ended.

He worshiped Indran
And conveyed him then
How he advised her
To chose Indran for her.

Promise and Advice

Nalan once again
Told Lord Indran
About his advice to her
And the promise of her.

Granted Boons

Indran, the Lord of Lords,
Varunan, the Lord of rains,
Yaman, the Lord of Justice
Agni, the Lord of Fire

All gave him a boon
“You’ll get, as and when,
You desire, fire, nectar, jewels,
Water, garland, and dresses.”

“Whenever you want this,
Wherever you need this,
Sure, have no doubt
You’ll certainly get it.”

Bridegroom present

Devas gave Nalan,
Each one a boon,
For the work done,
Pleasing every one.

He then silently went
And in a corner he sat
In the assembly hall
Among one and all.


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