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1.Scenes pleasant to the eyes

Thirumal’s Lotus Feet

Lord Thirumal’s lotus feet,
Gave protection on the spot,
To the elephant in distress,
Also to the Ayarpadi Gopis.

Real Lord is there

O’er the head of Shiva,
Rests the glorious Ganga
And also the crescent moon
Of the sky that shines.

Hardly has He stayed in
His own silver mountain.
But He lives in the hearts
Of his close devotees.

He got into the chariot

The fields were full
With paddy and coral.
King Nalan owned them
In his great kingdom.

He got into the chariot,
That was well built,
With exquisite carving
And artistic designing.

(Nalan is showing
Beautiful sceneries.
On the way)

Bees came around

‘You see, my dear,
How the maids are here
To collect flowers
But have their own fears.”

“Speckled Bees came
To invite all of them,
But the maids do fear
When bees came near.”

Flower pole lowers

“See, flower pole lowers.
The maids pluck flowers.
The pole also showers,
On their feet flowers.”

See sweating maid

“How beautiful the maid there,
With a face of lotus flower,
Sweats and chases the bee
That flies near her face, just see.”

“The bee mistakes her face,
For a beautiful lotus,
And goes for its honey
As it feels hungry.”

See, she plucks tender

“See here, a maid walks,
Like a forest peacock,
And no sound comes
From her two anklets.”

“For those tender flowers
Only she goes and plucks,
Where bees do not come,
For want of honey in some.”

Flowers on her feet

“To put on a flower
O’er her long hair
He just tried, but
Laid it on her feet.”

She created confusion

“Flowers fell on the ground,
By the force of the wind,
With that, also the pearls
Fell from her bangles.”

“It’s like a flower bed
For the newlywed,
Just in the river bed
Caused by the flood.”

Garden beauty disturbed

“Flowers fell on the ground.
Their branches, spell bound,
Quite upset, shake up and down,
Having lost them, one by one.”

“Like a girl, it looks
After her love plays,
Now lying on the bed
Of flowers, so tired.”

Water-lily opened its mouth

“See how the water-lily
Opened its mouth widely
On seeing the maid’s face
Thinking it is moon’s face.”

As if she is three eyed

“See, that maid has kept
Red-lily petal, a bit
On her nice forehead
As if she’s three-eyed.”

She keeps her face closed

“See, how her lover splashes water
From the water-fall o’er her.
She keeps her face closed,
As if her guilt, she accepted.”

She has three faces

“Two lotus flowers in her ears,
Give her a funny appearance,
As if she has three faces,
Like Lord Murugan, who has.”

See her getting tired

“See that man, who is upset
Because his lover is lost
Amidst lotus flowers
In the cool waters.”

“With him, she plays fun,
In the water, plunging down,
Amidst thick lotus flowers
Staying under the water.”

Mad became the serpent

“See, how that maid there
Is twisting her wet hair,
Like Raghu, the serpent,
Eating the moon, bit by bit.”

Crescent moon rose up

“See that girl taking bath,
Using her hands both
To push aside her hairs
Falling on her face.”

“This looks like crescent moon,
Tearing the clouds, one by one,
And trying to show its beauty
Claiming its self liberty.”

A scene he showed

“See that maid with blue eyes.
She didn’t pluck the red-lilies,
As it appeared to her as blue
Because, her eyes are blue.”

They took rest together

Thus Dhamayanthi and Nalan
Both enjoyed every scene.
After bathing in the Ganges river,
They took rest there together.


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