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Went round; found nothing

Kali saw in the rule of Nalan,
Everything was perfect
And there was no defect
So, no damage could be done

One day Kali entered .

Before evening prayer,
One day, with water,
Nalan washed his feet,
In a way incomplete.

That was the proper time,
Evil Kali entered him,
To control his mind
And as a slave bind.

Nalan went to his brother
Pushkaran,, to work there,
As an assistant to him
And thus spent his time.

Kali took over

The one, who failed to chant
“Narayana” the letters eight,
Kali took o’er control
Of such a sinful individual.

Kali’s Plot

To go to the worst hell
Kali plays his part well.
This way he played a trick
Pushkaran, for this, he did pick.

Kali told him, “With me come.
I’ll cheat Nalan in a dice game
You’ll have good fortune
Of getting his throne.”

Went to win

His brother Pushkaran
Went with his plan
To Nidadam, to win
The Kingdom of Nalan.

Pushkaran at Nidadam

The wild looking bulls
Were under Ganges water,
That rose up to flood
The shores on both sides.

The fields got submerged
Under water and damaged
The crops, thickly grown,
All o’er, fresh and green.

As planned early, Pushkaran
Reached the city of Nalan,
Who was under the control
Of Kali, the undesirable devil.

What kind of flag?

Nalan asked Pushkaran,
“What kind of flag is this one?”
Pushkaran said, “A flag winning
One in any big gambling.”

Nalan invited him

King Nalan said, “If it’s so,
For any gambling, I shall go
You gamble with me.
Who wins, let us see.”


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