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Left with his wife

A swan with its foot so tender
Was sitting on a tender flower,
But a crow pushed it out
Taking the flower as its own seat.

How the poor swan moved out?
Similarly, Nalan walked out,
In the street, with his consort
In the dust, with bear feet.

Fate’s strength

An evil deed drove out
The couple to the street.
It was the strength of fate
That had planned this act.

People shed tears

When Dhamayanthi, Nalan,
And their two children,
All left the palace,
People shed tears.

They cried, “Oh King,
Where’re you leaving?
We were taken care,
By you, like a mother.”

“For charity, the only one,
For wisdom, the only one,
Who can it be other than
Our great King Nalan.”

Truth will never die

“The sea may lose the shore
And on the land, run over.
Veda that preaches truth
May slip out from truth.”

“The whole world may lose
Its own normal balance.
But can any good ruler,
Like you, choose bad behaviour?”

Kill those supporters

Pushkaran out of jealousy
Became very much angry.
A tom-tom message, he sent.
To nook and corner, it went.

“Those who entertain Nalan
Will face death, it’s certain.”
To talk or hear about him,
The fear silenced them.

Result of my deeds

Nalan heard this news.
He felt sorry for this.
“This kind of injustice
Is the result of my deeds.”

Passed thru' the gate

Nalan, with his consort,
Passed thru' the main gate,
To an unknown destination,
Leaving the city to mourn.

Death like atmosphere

None liked Pushkaran
In the seat of Nalan.
Death like atmosphere
Prevailed everywhere.

Silence gripped.
Houses mourned.
A grave like city
Craved for pity.

For their cruel fate,
Even children felt
And didn’t suck milk
From mothers, gone sick.

Have we crossed?

Nalan’s children asked,
“Father, have we crossed
And reached the destination
Where we’ll settle down.”

Nalan’s grief

Nalan heard their cry,
That made him feel shy.
Not knowing what to do,
Like a portrait, he stood.


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