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Go to Vimarasan City

“Oh my dear, listen
Take the two children
To your father’s place.
You can live in peace.”

“For them, it’ll be difficult
To cross the hot dessert.
So, you go with them
And take care of them.”

Like this, the tired Nalan
In the interest of the children
Tried to convince Dhamayanthi,
Who heard it reluctantly.

Difficult to get a lover

She said, “It’s easy to beget
Children, as many as we want,
But it’s difficult to get
A lover of your might.”

Tears flowed in her eyes,
When she said like this.
She was very much upset,
And didn’t like to depart.

Person with no children

“Dhamayanthi! Listen,
A person with no children,
Will never go to heaven,
So, take care of our children.”

Is there is one?

“Wealth, one may have,
Or, fame, he may have.
If he has no children
His life is empty then.”

What is the use?

“A person may learn,
All the scriptures even,
Yet, without children,
His life is a waste then.”

Let us go

“She said, “You’ve lost,
Everything to the last,
Let us go to our father
And comfortably live there.”

It is a shameful act

He said, “It’s like begging
Rich people, for our living.
Having lost our wealth
It’ll be an act of filth.”

Not a man, but madman

“A king begging another king
Is it not an unworthy thing?
He’s not a man, but madman
If he does it like a cheap person. “

Send children

She told, “If it’s so,
Let the children go,
Stay with my father,
For their good future.”

Why separate us?

Children tried to impress,
“Why do you send us
To another distant place.
Please don’t separate us.”

She was sad

When the children cried,
She was very much sad.
She hugged them closely
As a mother cried loudly.

Life was taken

A Brahmin led the children,
To the palace of Vimarasan,
While their parents cried,
In their duty, having failed.

Heart broken

With a broken heart,
Behind them he went,
For some distance,
Till their disappearance.

He did not talk to her,
And silently stood there.
Was his fate, the main one,
Or his act caused his ruin?

Thinking and thinking,
He kept on worrying,
His mind became blank,
And he became sick.


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