a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet


Nalan started

On the advice of Karkotagan,
For Ayodhya, started Nalan.
With no proper place for rest,
He was passing thru' the forest.

Saw the seashore

He saw the seashore.
A male bird there
Was awake in the night,
While its mate slept.

He felt shy, having left
His sleeping wife at night,
Instead of guarding her
By her side forever.

No word from the bird

Nalan said, “Oh young bird,
Why no consoling word
From you on my action,
In leaving my wife alone?”

Lost his soul

He saw a speckled male bee,
Waiting on its female bee,
While drinking sweet honey
From the flowers many.

He felt sorry for his action
In deserting her alone
In the dead of night
Like a coward’s act.

Crab, you tell

Into its hole, a crab ran
On seeing a man,
As its natural habit,
But Nalan mistook it.

“Oh crab, why do you run
And hide yourself in your den?
Perhaps, it may be the reason
I left her in the forest alone.”

What she thought?

Nalan saw a sea crane
And asked, “Oh crane,
Of me, what she thought,
When she woke up at night?”

Left her at night?

“Oh sea, you’re going
And back here coming,
Is it that you’ve also left
Your wife at night?”

Many laughed

On the shore, when he walked,
Many seaside girls laughed,
On seeing his shape, short
And ugly to look at.

He reached Ayodhya City,
With water sources in plenty,
To seek his livelihood
In the shape what he had.

Inform my arrival

He reached the palace,
And told, “Oh guards,
Inform your king,
Here I’m standing.”

“I’m a charioteer
And can take care
Of horses and chariot,
Clean and neat.”

“I’m a good cook.
So, I can also work
In the royal kitchen,
If a chance is given.”

Went before the king

They informed the king
Of the message, everything.
He heard and ordered them
“Before me bring him.”

King of Ayodhya asked

The King asked Vaguvan,
The incognito King Nalan,
“What kind of work
You wish to seek?”

I’m an expert

“Oh King, I’m an expert
In driving any chariot,
And in the art of cooking,
For any work, I’m willing,”


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